5 Reasons To Try A Local Las Vegas Escape Room!

Escape rooms have risen in popularity in the recent years, beginning in Asia and rapidly spreading to most of the world. You find them in China, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, Canada and the United States. But why have these escape rooms seem to have taken off at such a fevered pace, and why should you spend your time going to visit one? There are many reasons why people find these escape rooms so entertaining, so we’ve worked to put together a basic listing of 5 of the topmost reasons why you and yours should experience an escape room at the first opportunity.

1. Challenge Your Critical Thinking Skills

Escape rooms are so popular, they are even being created in elementary schools, Why? Well, the answer is simple: Escape room games challenge you to think creatively, to use logic in a new way. Its been found that when children are exposed to escape rooms, they learn valuable social skills, along with enhanced critical thinking skills. This applies to adults as well. When you enter an escape room, it’s mind against mind. It’s your mind pitted against that of the rooms creator. So, let the games begin!

There is an endless supply of themes for escape rooms, limited only by the creativity of those who create them. This means that you’ll find escape rooms which revolve around movies, TV shows, books, and plays. Escape rooms take these themes and put them in a real-world situation, where you and your teammates find that your deductive, intuitive, logic and cognitive senses are being put to the ultimate test.

For instance, that clue you deduced from the abstract painting on the wall, led you to the key of a small, hardwood gift box. While the gift box itself is simply a prop, the active thought processes and emotional reaction created while solving each puzzle is very real. If timers are utilized for each puzzle, then the atmosphere will tighten, as you and your mates feel your tension increase as the clock ticks down.

Escape rooms allow you to feel the weight of pressure, without any real consequences involved. When you and your team are in the escape room, you are isolated from the outside world for that one hour. There are no cell phones, no smoke signals and no calling for help to the outside world. It’s just you, your team and your critical thinking skills which will get you out.

2. Entertainment at its Finest!

The main reason people try out escape rooms is the fun they expect to have. Each escape room has its own theme, decor and is veiled in a mystery which must be solved. Some of these escape rooms require you to actually role play, to become a different character. Perhaps you are a ‘mole,’ a private investigator or a mad scientist. Here, you are taking on a role to find your way out. As such, escape rooms provide everyone with a one of a kind entertainment experience.

Instead of passively watching a film, reading a book or playing a video game, you can opt for a night out with friends or family. Escape rooms offer people a refreshingly new change of pace in entertainment, sprinkled with a bit of variety. Indeed, the experiences you and yours will enjoy in an escape room are fun, unique and cannot be obtained in any other form of entertainment available. Even in haunted houses, you are not truly a participant, but rather a spectator being acted upon by the environment. The escape room, however, turns you into an active participant.

You know what they say, that happiness is healthy. Remember that laughing and having fun has been proven to improve your health. Fun and laughter have been shown to reduce stress, boost your energy levels, improve your memory as well as enhancing our relationship with others. Let’s not forget that dopamine is released which gives you a small, ‘high’ whenever you solve a puzzle.

3. Experience a New Form of Role Playing Game

RPG gamers have been doing this for many years, solving puzzles to move from one level of play to the next, and this same logic has been applied to real-world escape rooms. RPGs or Role Playing Games are a type of video game where the player is challenged in different settings with a variety of characters to move forward. A huge part of many RPG’s is puzzle solving.

What is fabulous about the escape room, is that you can be challenged in a team setting, but do it in the real world. While the virtual world of gaming and sites like Second Life are fun and entertaining, to take this concept and apply it to a real-world setting is refreshing, fun and exciting. As many of these escape rooms are indeed developed by gamers, the bar is set especially high. These designers take all that they’ve learned from video game RPG’s and interspersed it into the escape room. The more inventive and skilled the gamer, the more inventive and varied the escape room.

4. Enhanced Social Skills: Teamwork

The 4 C’s include Communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, all of which you’ll find at a well-run escape room. To achieve the goal of escaping the room, each member of the team must contribute. Since many of the puzzles are timed, there is no room for bickering, only solid, creative brainstorming. In fact, escape rooms are specifically designed where you cannot solve it on your own.

As a group of adults, you are allowed the freedom of experimenting openly with your imagination, something not readily available to grown-ups in our world. Once you mature, your imagination is relegated to the creativity others create for you, such as in books, film, games, and television. However, with escape room games you are free to indulge, free to immerse yourself in your imagination, free to solve, free to play a role in a world you always wanted to participate in.

Now that we’ve brought up team building, we can also bring up its different applications and how they relate to escaping rooms. While escape rooms are a great way to have fun with family and friends, they are also a great way to encourage team building at work. That’s right, as an employer, you can schedule your department to have a go at an escape room, and watch as your employees work together to achieve a common goal. This is a fun way to motivate your team and reap the benefits of increased productivity.

If they work well for families, friends, and co-workers, then the same should apply to sports teams. Whether your team is at the elementary school, high school, college level or pro, having them take some time out in an escape room can only increase their camaraderie. After all, these rooms are designed to flood your system with a variety of emotional reactions and tension, so it’s good practice for any team to learn to handle these emotional responses in an exciting and fun environment.

#5. Become the Warrior, Why Not?

After you’ve read all of the fantastic benefits which can be obtained from visiting an escape room game or two, there can’t possibly be a reason not to. This is your chance to become the warrior. You are challenged, you decipher, you win, you achieve. Just like any other form of gaming, you can always level up to new experiences.

For instance, some escape rooms are simple, and housed in a trailer, or utilizing one room. Others are much more expansive, and include multiple rooms, tunnels and utilize high tech gadgets and locks. Once you’ve completed a few of the one room experiences, you can test your mettle against the minds who created the larger escape rooms.

Keep it’s your mind against that of the individual who created the escape room. If you and your team can level up and master the toughest escape rooms out there, you truly are a ‘warrior’ of sorts. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a date, some family or friends and head down to the nearest escape room, and begin your new adventure!

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