Another new toy

Had to brag on this one a little bit.

I’ve had an open back-order with Adorama and BHPhotoVideo for over a year for the Nikon 18-200 f3.5 VR lens.

Last night, as I’m bopping through Best Buy looking for other stuff, I made a swing by the premium camera equipment case. And there it was.

I double checked to be sure that this wasn’t some Tamron knockoff, but sure enough, genuine Nikkor.

I talked to the guy at BB about getting it, and mentioned how ultra-rare that these are to find today. He told me that the one that their display item had been on order since last year, but apparently he wasn’t aware of the shortage going to the consumer end of the equation. (Canon shooter. Ah, it all makes sense now.)

Anyway. Pictures soon.

I’m excited. If the reviews are accurate, this may be the great all-purpose walk-around lens I’ve been waiting for…