12 Point Local Las Vegas SEO Checklist

Local search engine optimization, or local SEO, is a powerful marketing tactic for business owners wanting to sell to local clients. Investing in SEO offers brand visibility, increased web traffic, and increase in revenue. Follow the practices mentioned below to gain control over your local search results.

Keyword research

It is a fundamental step for every successful SEO campaign and involves discovering keywords and key phrases people are searching for to find local businesses like yours, as Google uses them to understand more about your site. For example, a painting company should use the phrase “home painting service” instead of “exterior residential painting,” as more people search for the former phrase. Local business should include a geo-modifier such as “home painting service (the service provider’s location).”

How can you discover which keywords to use for ranking?

Ask customers, colleagues, or friends the keyword they would search for to find a business like yours, and input this list in Google Keyword Planner for new keyword ideas and their estimated search traffic. Unfortunately, Google’s Tools provides you with keywords with high ad competition and competitive SEO score. Search for a set of keywords that is searched a lot but has low competition and add them to your title and meta descriptions.

Title tags

It is unarguably the most important on-page SEO element and is the text that appears in search results. They provide users with brief details of what to expect when they click on a search result URL and informs Google details about your page too. It should include the keyword you are trying to rank and describe your website too.

The perfect title tag:

• Should have less than 55 characters
• Include your brand name if possible
• Start with your brand name followed by services offered

Typical example: John’s Painting Company | Residential Painting in Las Vegas

Meta descriptions

It provides searches and search engines with a summary of your webpage. Descriptive and interesting meta description increases the frequency of clicks of your site on the search engine result page. Keep the description less than 155 characters. Use this tool to preview how your meta descriptions and title look like in search results.

NAP info

Name, address, and phone number are three most vital pieces of information in local search. As Google can pick up your NAP information, it understands where your business is located, and uses the quantity and consistency of NAP as a ranking factor for local search.

Customer reviews

More than 92% of customers read online reviews to locate local business and services, and 60% of them judge a local business by its star rating, according to data compiled by the.lasvegasseoconsultants.net/. Most prefer websites that have a minimum of a 3-star rating. Therefore, positive reviews are essential to the success of your online business. Try to get as many 5-star ratings as possible for your business for more online exposure. Providing customers with amazing experience often result in positive reviews. Depend on Angie’s List, Houzz, Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business to receive and reply to reviews.

Image optimization

As search engines cannot view images, you need to provide an additional description about it to boost rankings for targeted keywords. Here are four aspects of making images SEO friendly:

• Filename: Ensure that the file name of your image has the target keyword in it. For example: John’s_Las_Vegas_Residential_Painting_Service.png
• Title text: This appears when people hover their mouse’s pointer over the image. It should describe the image and include the keyword. For example: Residential painting service in Las Vegas.
• Alt text: It describes the image and is helpful if the image does not display. It should describe the image and contain the keyword.
• Size: Compress the file size of your images before uploading them to your website.
• Anchor text: It is the clickable hyperlink in a line of text. Google uses it to understand what the page is about. Hyperlinking “home painting” helps Google assume that the linked page is about home painting.

Hyperlink keywords in your website’s content to the related page of your website, as these help Google understand what your pages are about and can increase rankings for those keywords. In the above example link every mention of “home painting” to your home painting service page.

Mobile friendly

Ensure your website is mobile friendly so that it displays properly on all sizes of displays with the help of responsive design, as nearly 70% individuals use their smartphones to browse the net. This apart, an algorithm introduced by Google in April 2015, penalizes website not optimized for mobile devices. The search engine giant followed this with another mobile-friendly algorithm in May 2016. Your website will suffer from a major loss in mobile search traffic if it is not mobile compliant.

Citations and social profiles

A citation is an online mention containing NAP information about your business. A social profile is like an upgraded citation that is more customizable, unique, and trustworthy. Examples of social profiles include Pinterest, Linkedin, and Facebook. Boost your website’s visibility by creating as much high quality and relevant citations as possible.

Guidelines to follow when building social profiles and citations:

• Be 100% consistent with your NAP and update the same if you move your business to a different location.
• Write descriptions that summarize your company’s services, products, and history
• Upload five relevant, high-quality images, apart from your logo
• Select up to five relevant business categories with the first three being the most important
• Use spreadsheets to track usernames and passwords
• Never use duplicate citations per location
• List your site with Google My Business

Advantages of using Google My Business

• Update and manage how Google displays your business
• Helps users find your business
• Allow individuals to find your business on Google Maps along with directions
• Respond to customer reviews
For listing your business, visit Google My Business and input your business name & address in the search bar.

If you cannot find your business, check the box “I am authorized to manage this business,” click `continue’ change your address if required, and click “mail.” Google will send you a postcard with a verification code. Complete the verification process by entering the code in Google My Business. While waiting for the card, update all relevant fields of your business.

Schema Markup

Add the Schema Markup code to your website to make it search engine friendly. All local businesses should use it as it increases your site’s rankings by boosting its local trust and authority. Check this guide for more information.

Link building

Include as many backlinks from authority sites to increase the SERP of your website, and consequently the number of footfalls. Link building may be a daunting task but is extremely vital to boost your website’s rankings.


Enhance the performance of your website and boost its rankings with the help of the 12 points mentioned above.